Social Centres Gathering 2014

Cardiff squatters are heading to Nottingham to share experience of setting up and helping to maintain squatted Social Centres in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. This is after visits to the Cwtch Community Centre during very early Red and Black Umbrella days, and more recently supporting the Newport Action Centre - which has sadly had to close temporarily […]

Cardiff Homeless Action event with Cardiff Squatters workshop and meeting

The Cardiff Squatters Network are running a workshop at the World Homeless Day event in Cardiff this Saturday at Cathays Community Centre. The event is aiming to raise awareness and to get people involved in taking further action together with people who are homeless. It’s an all day event, starting at 3pm with workshops, free-shop, information stalls, activities for kids, […]

Newport Rises to Action – Statement from new squatted Social Centre

Inspired by the recent Week of Action against the NATO Summit in Newport, a group of local activists took control of an abandoned office block on Lower Dock Street, secured the building and now announce their intention to launch a new social centre and creative space for the Newport community. The Newport Action Centre will […]


Dated 30th August 2014 An effigy of US president Barack Obama was burnt in Bute Park on Saturday 30th August. The action was organised by a group calling itself ‘Cardiff Anarchists, Travellers, Squatters and Homeless Individuals Together’ (…what others might know as the Cardiff Squatters Network) and was attended by around 40 local young people. This symbolic action came […]

Statement from Squat50 – new Cardiff squat

We are currently occupying the Sixth Form College Building on Newport Road, and transforming it into a space for the community to use. We have been working towards an open day to show people the work we have done and explain what we are about. We are doing all this on a tiny budget and […]

The Red and Black Umbrella Collective invite you to their festive Two Year Anniversary


If you’re organised enough to carry ’round a diary (I am definitely not) penciling in the 1st AND 2nd of November is highly advisable as it will see our first festival! A two day event ending on the 2nd November to celebrate 2 YEARS of the occupied building in Cardiff. Easy enough to remember, right? Beginning as a vague plan to host […]

Amsterdam: Cardiff Squatters Network Infonight @ Joe’s Garage


From Joe’s Garage: Thursday September 19th 2013, Cardiff Squatters Network Infonight & People’s Kitchen, 7pm @ Joe’s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43, 1092 EZ, Amsterdam Squatters from Cardiff, Wales are dropping by for an infonight about squatting in Cardiff over the last few years. Last month, Canton police station was squatted by the Antagonistic Collective Against Boredom (ACAB) and evicted a few […]

Canton Police Station Eviction Resistance Photos and Videos


Photos and videos of canton police station and the eviction resistance. High court bailiffs evicting Last squatter leaves South Wales Echo article

Facel Vega, Woolf, Etai Keshiki, Amorous Dialogues, Frau, Isaac Heartfeels @ Venue TBA


Antagonistic Collective Against Boredom (ACAB) & Own Noise Presents… MONDAY 26TH AUGUST FACEL VEGA Now in their seventh year of being a band, FV are getting their shit together to play the first gig in a year and a half. Noisy hardcore/punk taking its lead from sassy DC bands of the late 80s like Nation […]

A belated report of the prison squat eviction in Adamsdown, Cardiff


By 07:00 on wednesday 14th august, the roof of the squat had been occupied by a lone squatter who played hide and seek with CCTV in the area for over an hour to pass the time. At approximately 08:30 United Welsh representative Barry James along with police, bailiffs, members of the fire crime unit and workers […]

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