Jail Break – All Day Fundraiser @ Red & Black

From Red & Black Umbrella: On saturday the 13th of july, cardiff abc has organised a one day anti-prison event at the red and black umbrella. The event aims at creating a wider awareness and critique of the ever expanding prison society and people’s struggles against it. The event will run from 1-11 and is […]

People’s Kitchen returns to Red & Black

This Tuesday 21st May from 6:30pm, the social centre will be open for the return of People’s Kitchen. Everyone is welcome come and to share a hot vegan meal with us, served free from around 7pm. Donations welcomed to cover costs. (gas, dry food etc.) We will also open the free shop,  the library, info shop and bike workshop space […]

Queer & Queer Allies Talk @ Red & Black

On Saturday 2nd March, alongside the regular free cafe from 4pm, there will be a Queer and Queer Allies Talk @ the Red and Black Umbrella. It will be an open space for LGBT+, queer and allies to meet, talk and share information, literature and music over a cup of tea and some biscuits. All welcome, leave prejudices at […]

Vegan Pot Luck & Open Mic Feb 20th @ Red & Black

This Wednesday 20th Feb. @ 7pm the social centre will be open for a vegan pot luck dinner night. Bring a dish to share if you can, but don’t worry if you can’t, everyone is free to come and eat. Dinner will be followed/accompanied by music and other wonders in the form of an open mic. Bring along your instrument/voice/talent/party […]

Press Release: On the emergence of Property Guardianship company Ad Hoc in Cardiff

Disclaimer: This statement is not on behalf of the whole of Cardiff Squatters Network, just a handful of individuals who are part of it and squat in Cardiff. Groups such as Ad Hoc rely on the prejudice that squatters only damage the properties they occupy, using the term ‘squatters’ interchangeably with ‘vandals’ and ‘addicts’. Their […]

Updates on the 92 arrestees of the re-occupation of Villa Amalias squat in Athens and solidarity in Greece

From Squat.net Timeline from Contra Info, see Athens Indymedia for pictures from solidarity demo that reached the area of Evelpidon courts. [15.36pm] Since the morning of January 12th, few hours before a large solidarity demo took place in downtown Athens, the 92 arrestees from the re-occupation of Villa Amalias were brought before an interrogating judge […]

Squatting update – legal and practical skillshare – this weekend!

From Red & Black Umbrella: The Red and Black is hosting an update on the legal situation around squatting, including how the English and Welsh squatting community has been affected by the law change last year and what’s still happening despite it! We’re happy to welcome squatters from London who have been involved in the Eviction Resistance […]

Cardiff French embassy is target over police repression as busy month is topped

From Indymedia UK: Activists from different networks in Cardiff, including No Borders South Wales, South Wales Anarchists, Gremlins, Travellers groups, Cardiff Migrant Solidarity and the new Network of Cardiff Squatters came together to continue the support shown for migrants in recent months. Several activists decided to use International Migrants Day this week to respond to […]

A network of squatters formed

Hello, we exist now. A network of squatters, travellers, the unrooted, homeless people, and supporters. We’re now meeting monthly and are hosting our first event, a Squatters/Travellers Workshop & Skillshare on Thursday 20th December at 3pm, at the Red & Black Umbrella. This will be an hour discussing the law around squatting, recent changes, and how to still squat legally […]

Cardiff squatters & co Xmas potluck

From Red & Black Umbrella (see website for other updates): As the Red and Black Umbrella is also our home, it was inevitable that some of us would be home for the 25th December, we have decided to open up on good ‘ol xmas day and have a lovely big (Vegan-as usual) pot luck meal […]

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